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The Department of Theory and Methods of Technological and Vocational Training

The Department of Theory and Methods of Technological and Vocational Training (DTMTVT) is one of the oldest departments of the Udmurt State University with a history of more than 25 years. The founder of the Department was the first rector of the Udmurt State University, the honorary freeman of the city of Izhevsk, Boris Nikolayevich Shul’ga (1926 - 2002). The instructors of the Department are experienced at working at secondary schools and colleges. Highly professional staff of the Department has substantial experiences and scientific and creative potential. There work two professors and five associate professors at the Department. Seven instructors has PhD (or candidate of science) degrees and one is a Doctor of Science. The head of the Department is associate professor Alexey Prichinin. The instructors of the department have published more than 500 scientific and methodological works and have obtained 68 certificates of authorship and patents. There are some winners and laureates of various local, regional and all-Russian competitions such as “Teacher of the Year“, “The Best Russian Scientific Book”, “The best Methodological Publication of the UDSU”. During the last seven years four candidate theses and one doctoral dissertation have been successfully defended.




The DTMTVT actively collaborate with the leading Russian universities; participate at the work of The methodological union of the Russian Federation for vocational and pedagogical education.

There are laboratories of electrical and radio engineering, multimedia and computer engineering, general technical disciplines, technology of material processing, ornamental and applied creative work which provide practical training of graduating students. Students are the winners of regional, all-Russian and international competitions such as “Young Inventor of Udmurtia”, all-Russian competition of final projects, international competition of future professionals in the sphere of 3D-modelling, all-Russian student quiz on the methods of vocational training. Many instructors of the Department have been awarded with the certificates of honor by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation.

The graduating students willing to begin scientific research can continue their education at the master’s level for pedagogical education (Innovative pedagogical education), vocational education (Innovative vocational education) and at the postgraduate level (pedagogy and psychology).

Currently, the Department provides training in the following spheres:

  1. Pedagogical education – bachelor’s degree (undergraduate) in Technology and Computer Science.
  2. Vocational training – bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering.
  3. Pedagogical education – master’s degree (graduate) in Innovative pedagogical education.
  4. Vocational training – master’s degree (graduate) in Innovative vocational education.

Priority direction of scientific development

Axiological modelling of innovative education in a non-stationary cultural and technological environment, 2010.
The main directions of scientific activity of the department of theory and methodology of technological and vocational education (TMTVE):

  1. the subject of sustainable development in the modern cultural and technological environment;
  2. methodology and theory of innovative education;
  3. methodological bases of technological education, the concept of design of its content and the formation of the conceptual apparatus in the conditions of the changing cultural and technological environment;
  4. the didactic conditions of formation of the technological culture of the students in the multicultural environment;
  5. problems of development of professional pedagogical culture and competence of teachers;
  6. conditions of development of the information culture of schoolchildren and students;
  7. development of the technology of the project activities and study conditions sustainable development of the living environment;
  8. the challenges of designing technologies and means of training;
  9. the method of design of the main educational programs of higher professional education in a changing socio-cultural environment;
  10. study of the problems of self-education of students and development of the technology of the preparation of the subject of the sustainable development;
  11. the definition of didactic conditions of increasing the motivation of students to teaching in the innovation activity process;
  12. the development of the professional training technology and optimization of the process of professional self-determination of students;
  13. methods of implementation of a research project approach in the preparation of students;
  14. conditions of development of the pupils and students entrepreneurial abilities.

The teachers of the departments have been developed more than 30 new training courses (copyright), relating to the problems of art and design activities, as well as teaching students of innovative pedagogical and technological activity. Including:

1. Protection of intellectual property rights
2. The foundation of creativity and design activities
3. General technology
4. Innovation
5. Fundamentals of technological culture
6. Basis of stock exchange technologies
7. Methodology education
8. Designing of training means
9. System of search and processing of information
10. Modern means of evaluating the results of education
11. The psychology of technical creativity
12. Search technologies and solutions art-design tasks
13. Aesthetics and design
14. Modelling and designing of technical systems
15. The use of COMPUTERS in project activities
16. Modern information and technological culture
17. Ethics of business relations
18. Technical and audio-visual means of teaching
19. The basics of innovation activity
20. Social ecology
21. The design of learning technologies
22. The theoretical-methodological foundations of innovative education
23. Innovative technologies in science and education
24. Information-communication technologies in science and education
25. Pedagogical forecasting and design
26. Designing the educational environment
27. Bases of the system analysis
28. The basics of management of quality of education
29. Pedagogical anthropology
30. Axiology of pedagogical education
31. Methods of pedagogical creativity
32. The technology of self-education
33. Pedagogical innovations in the domestic and foreign school
34. Basis of business-processes in pedagogical education
35. Marketing in pedagogical education, etc.

Special development in the last decade have received two directions of innovative activity of the department:
1) has been developed, tested and implemented the creation technology of new (technical, pedagogical) decisions in various areas ("the factory of invention");
2) has been developed, tested and prepared educational programme to enhance creative thinking man and the training of its technology development of ideas on the level of inventions ("the factory of the inventors).
Sections, which include development of the department, are quite varied. These include projects and research on pedagogical and vocational education, industrial technology, engineering, medicine, ecology, power engineering, agriculture, road transport, etc.


Students of the department provides a range of opportunities to realize own initiatives in the following areas of student life:
* self-determination and self-realization by means of student self-government (student council IPPST);
* participation in teams of student league of KVN;
* summer job on the black sea coast, as well as for international student programmes in Europe and the USA;
* active recreation and tourist trips, organized by the student tourist club;
* work in the student teams conductors, pedagogical and construction teams;
* participation in the sports sections and competitions;
* disclosure of creative potential on the stage of the university;
* work on a student radio and in printed editions of the university;
* participation in the existing exhibitions of decorative-applied art among the students.

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